Never Have I Ever

So rather than setting conventional New Year’s Resolutions I’d like to play a little game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ in the hope of completing them all by the time we’re all popping the bubbly for next New Year’s Eve.

  • Never have I ever read a piece of travel writing.

Yes I’ve read fiction that’s set all over but never a proper piece of travel literature, and at the top of my list is Seven Years in Tibet after seeing the film adaptation staring Brad Pitt. The story is about Austrian born Heinrich Harrer who is captured by the Germans during a mountain expedition and eventually escapes a prisoner of war camp only to have trouble seeking refuge in Tibet, until he meets the Dalai Lama and forms a life-long friendship.

  •  Never have I ever read an autobiography.

I suppose the reason for this one is that there’s never been any particular celebrity that I’m so fanatic about that I want to read their life story, but this is changing as I embark on Michael McIntyre’s autobiography. This kills two birds with one stone really because I also wanted to read a comedy novel but have always been scared in the past since I don’t think I’ll find them funny. I think I can be quite hard to amuse – I find most comedy films simply awful – but Michael McIntyre is my favourite stand-up comedian so if anyone’s going to make me laugh it’s him. (Good luck Michael).

  • Never have I ever read any poetry, at all, for pleasure.

I’ve never been a lover of poetry and I find the drivel they make you read at school (sorry Carol Ann Duffy) just awful. However, I’m sure there’s some excellent poetry out there so I’m eager to find the right poet for me.  I want to like poetry, I really do, and I’m always striving to make myself a more well-read and rounded individual, so I can’t just ignore poetry for the rest of my life. I have to find something, right? And when I do I will read the collection cover to cover. (Any suggestions are more than welcome).

So that’s it. By the end of 2016 I hope to have achieve these three goals and be a more widely-read individual.



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